It is imperative that your web presence is hosted in a secure, stable environment to protect against application downtime and ensure optimum performance.

With over 10 years experience in the web hosting business, we have managed to make ourselves a name in Luxembourg and surroundings.

Hosting Options

  • We can host on our own servers and provide full IT support for the hosted application.
  • For clients who want to host on their own servers in their own network, we provide ‘metal up’ support. This is where we manage the operating system, the web server software and the application remotely. To provide this level of support we require access to the servers and preferably a hardware level control such as a remote access service.
  • The third option is where the client manages the box, the operating system and the web stack themselves. We just support the application remotely. We need a range of levels of access to the box to be able to deliver this type of support.

Each of these options carry different costs, but are modeled on the same pricing structure.

deSteini's Hosting Environment

  • We operate in a high performance hosting infrastructure.
  • Integrated on-site backup solutions with hourly backups of your data files and database backups on a daily basis.
  • Secure Socket Layers (SSL) add extra security for sensitive data transfers and logins
  • Strong password policies
  • The latest and greatest technologies starting with the choice of the operating system.
  • Regular updates and patching
  • External performance monitoring
  • Server grade hardware
  • Less than 60 minutes unscheduled downtime per annum
  • We operate an online support tracking system
  • Hardware firewalls and intrusion detections systems...

Don't hesitate to contact us if our packages do not match your needs. We can always customize an offer for your special needs.