Creating your Website

Maintaining your own website can often be very difficult if you don't have any knowledge about HTML, CSS and other web technologies.

Content Management Systems (also called CMS) allow you to manage your website without any technical knowledge. They allow you to add or edit content like text, images, videos and much more with just a few mouse clicks. We develop and implement these systems so they work just the way you expect them to which makes it as easy as possible for you to manage the content of your web page.

For example we develop:

Private Portfolios you can show your work to the rest of the world.
Personal Weblogs you can keep track of your everyday life or just share your ideas as you would with your diary.
Company Websites
...which represent your company on the web including important product and contact information.
e-Learning Platforms you can be of better asstistance in your student's learning processes

In order to respond to your needs and budget in an optimal way we offer solutions based on different open source projects in combination with custom adaptations. Besides focusing on the functionality of your applications we do also consider the security aspect which should nowadays not be disregarded.

We use the latest web standards for our implementations, which make websites more interactive and dynamic. These include typical web 2.0 technologies like AJAX, RSS & Atom Feeds, JavaScript, modern CSS and many more.

Technologies We Use

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